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where you can read extracts from my novels. All comments and queries are welcome, and if you would like me to speak to your reading or writing group (or any other group) please contact me.


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Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Posted on Mar 15 by

Lawrence said, ‘I can’t sell this.’ ‘It’s not for sale – for exhibition only.’ Lawrence wasn’t listening, only frowning at the painting.  He frowned and frowned, only to shake...


Star of Stage & Screen

Posted on Mar 12 by… I used to work for husband Husband. Now, I had to stop myself from enclosing work in inverted commas there: I made a few phone calls,...


World Book Day

Posted on Mar 6 by

It’s World Book Day and I’m between books at the moment.  Reading them, I mean, not writing – can’t write at the moment, a passing phase that’s not passing, or only with glacial...



Posted on Feb 7 by

So, more news of my experimental promotional campaign – is it working….? Maybe. Since I created a Facebook page for Say You Love Me it has shot up the amazon kindle charts from...


Blog Tour Question & Answer

Posted on Jan 29 by

I was asked by my lovely friend, the great writer Elizabeth Stott, to join her blog tour following Simon Sylvester’s and Sophie Duffy’s contributions see...


Say You Love Me

Posted on Jan 27 by

It’s coming up ten years since Accent Press decided in 2004 to take a chance with The Boy I Love, which was finally published in July 2005.  So, ten years, eh – where does the...